E anche oggi “La Repubblica” mette in prima pagina i porti aperti


“Il cosmopolitismo è una ideologia del tutto estranea alla classe operaia. Esso è invece l’ideologia caratteristica degli uomini della banca internazionale, dei cartelli e dei trusts internazionali, dei grandi speculatori di borsa e dei fabbricanti di armi”. (P. Togliatti, "Il patriottismo dei comunisti")

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  1. She awoke the following morning and everything was harsh and cold. The Khan was gone and the tent�s fire had burnt out. Her body was cold and numb where the white robe had left her exposed. The fat servant woman was untying her wrist from the bed. She was felt shame despite her grogginess, her head throbbed, and she found she was in no state to do anything but follow her back to the small room with the cot in it. Her limbs were raw from the restraints and fluids dripped down the inside of her thigh. She spent the day recovering, mostly sleeping, sipping only a little water and consuming the small amount of food as she could stomach. She woke again in the afternoon with the old lady standing above her speaking the words �The Khan was well pleased with you. He will be with you again tonight and favour you until you are with child. You will give him many sons�.

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